Best Candle Scents For Fall

Well, as much as we dread to admit it, the dwindling days of summer are upon us again, as we begin to trade in our daisy-dukes & flip flops for knitted wool, and the Netflix remote. But rather than blast the Jimmy Buffett music and deny that autumn is around the corner, why not embrace it?

In that spirit, today we are looking at the best candle scents for fall, and aromas that would make for the best scented candles for autumn. Whether you are here to learn about fragrance and essential oils for making your own candles, or looking for scent ideas for a gift, or fall scents around your household, let’s take a closer sniff at the scents that make up the harvest season.

Best Candle Scents for Fall

Hands holding cinnamon spiced apple slices

Apple Cinnamon Scent

Evoking memories of pies cooling on our grandparents stove tops, apple cinnamon scented candles intermingle the spice of cinnamon, clove & nutmeg with dulcet tones vanilla and sweet creams.

Apple Cinnamon fragrance oil is quite common in fall candles scents, but if you are looking to make your own candles, and are seeking a slightly stronger punch of that slightly fruity, peppery spice, perhaps consider using cinnamon essential oil. You can usually find the harmonious blend of cinnamon with apples in Spiced Apple Candle, commonly found at mall candle stores, but not currently here at the Sojourn Company. Some may consider apple cinnamon a winter scent, but we disagree!

Woodsy Aromas


We LOVE scents that remind us of strolls through tree lined paths as the leaves change from green to shades of red & brown. Woodsy aromas that lend themselves well to scented candles like Juniper fragrance, Pine, and Spruce come to mind. Juniper berry essential oils benefits are said to include aiding in respiratory ailments, while spruce essential oil is commonly used to boost immune support, both great for the dropping temperatures of autumn and winter.

You will find hints of Juniper Essential Oil in our Yucca Valley candle, an ode to the desert and the vast aromas that reside in it.


Warm Leathers

Perhaps it’s the memories of old, worn leather sparks in us. Rainy afternoons playing board games in the old leather armchair at a relatives cottage. Or pulling off that broken-in motorcycle jacket after a long October ride. It is undoubtedly cozy, and familiar.

But what does warm, worn leather smell like to us? The scent of leather can possess facets of smokiness, musk, or even shades of tobacco. You might detect that we delicately snuck the scent of broken in leather in our Canoe Lake Candle, but more on that later…

Amber Scent

A scent so complex, so unique, so mysterious that we could dedicate a whole post to it. So we did! Or rather we will.

But in the meantime, an amuse bouche, and let’s talk about what does amber fragrance actually smells like. 

There are three main ingredients in the formulations of amber fragrance when speaking towards perfumes: labdanum, benzoin, & vanilla. Now that we have mentioned the latter, vanilla, you might associate amber as being a warm, resinous, slightly sweet and exotic scent. We feel that would only be describing one side of this versatile fragrance. 

When drawing comparisons to amber fragrance scent, you might jump to rustic scents pine and leather, both of which are resinous and heavier. To be fair, you wouldn’t be wrong to do so!

It’s association with balsamic notes, and as a tree resin fragrance is a great segway for the next autumn scents on our list, frankincense.

Frankincense Scent 

The complex aroma tight-rope walks a balance of woody, balsamic, sweet & soft. Personally, I associate the scent of Frankincense not only with 1/3rd of the 3 wise men, but the far off reaches where the Boswellia trees where the resin is harvested from resides. 

Earthy, rich, and weighty, this scent is diverse like the scents you encounter outdoors on a crisp fall day.

A Cinnamon Apple Pie Cooling on a Counter

Cinnamon Rolls Scent

What a pleasant scent to associate with cozy days in the fall right? Am I the only one that also thinks of the shopping mall when thinking of the cinnamon rolls aroma? Just me?

This scent pairs very well with herbal teas, lavender, or earl gray, and cozy up any room on the gloomiest of days.

A pumpkin spiced latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Would we even be talking about the fall if we didn’t mention PSL??? Naturally, we associate pumpkins with the harvest season, and the inevitable and spooky Halloween. But the pungent, vegetal scent of pumpkin, is cut and laced with the sweetness of vanilla cream and spice.

While scientists have yet to discover a way to extract essential oil from Pumpkin Spice Lattes, their efforts are ongoing. There are a plethora of fragrance shops that will carry the Pumpkin Spice Latte in candles, oil diffusers and more well into the Holiday Season, but a little too sweet for our current collection of soy wax candles. Sorry PSL. 

Best Scented Candles for Autumn

Slice of Pumpkin Pie and Coffee

While there is no shortage of Pumpkin Spice, or Hot Apple Cider candles available on the market, and certainly they do a good job capturing the scents of the fall, but we would like to suggest something a little different, our Canoe Lake Candle from here at the Sojourn Company. 


The creation of this scent was born out of the endeavour to recreate the sensations of camping in the Algonquin Park of Canada during the fall months, or dockside leaf-peeping as the colors change, shutter and fall.


We created a custom blend using cedar wood, musky amber, with hints of leather and woodsmoke to capture the cottage vibe in a jar, and in our humble opinion, we nailed it. If you are looking to bring the outdoors inside for a peaceful escape, give it a try!