Best Candles for Positive Energy

Candles are widely adopted by many to help brighten a mood in various situations. Setting a tone around the dining table when entertaining friends, creating a relaxing atmosphere to read before bedtime, or part of your meditation practice are just a few examples of how candles amplify a setting, and promote positive energy in your home.

Candles are also used to rid your home of negative energy, creating a positive atmosphere. Today we are looking at the best candles for positive energy, and candles part in self care and good vibes.

What is Self-care?

The individual practice maintaining one’s health is basically self care in a nutshell. Any action deliberately taken to ensure your happiness and wellbeing, and that can cover a great many ways. Self care benefits the health and well-being of your emotional, mental, and even physical self, but what about candles for self care?

Whether you are looking to light a candle and soak the troubles of the day away, or looking for the best scents to keep you energized in your home office, candles can play a pivotal role in our search for boosting positive energy. 

Candles and Self Care

Lit candle by a bath with a cup of coffee

Now that we have established the importance of self care, let’s look at some of the best self care practices, and how self care candles can be used to promote well being. 

Lighting a candle while chipping away and that pesky to-do list, taking 20 minutes out of a busy work day to sit by a candle and practice mindfulness, or even bringing a lit candle outdoors to lay on the grass and watch the birds and clouds drift by and great examples of prioritizing your self care over things we may deem as “more important”.

Before beginning, let’s consider the importance of creating the perfect atmosphere to practice self care. Candles can help calm the mind, and give you a boost of energy when in need, or give you an object to focus on and remain present. 

The benefits of candles for mediation are various, but it can be a vital aid in building self-awareness, bringing your focus back to the present, and reducing negative thoughts.

Ways You Can Include Candles in Your Self-Care Routine:

  • As a companion in your Bath/Shower
  • Decluttering your space
  • A tool while practicing meditation
  • During yoga to set a mood
  • Providing a dim, warm light while reading

Candles for Good Energy

Is there just SOMETHING about walking into a room and seeing the flicker of a lit candle, as its subtle scents enter your olfactory sense that just brightens your day? Maybe it’s just me, after all I did start a candle company driven by my passion for such things.

But dating back to the Vedic times (1500 BC and 600 BC), it was considered that fire was a destroyer of negativity, and therefore a lit candle radiates its own powerful and positive energy.

Recruiting candles to help keep energy balance in your household is a great practice to maintain. It is believed that the energies released from candles cut off the negative energies which in turn increases the positive energy felt in our surroundings. We will be taking a closer look and how scent and essential oils play a part in candles that promote good energy.

Sage Candles for Cleansing

“Salvia Officinalis” or as we commonly know it, Sage, is derived from the Latin word salvus, which means  “healthy”, or salvare which similarly means “to heal”.

In addition to oils and dried leaves, sage candles can also be used for cleansing spaces from their negative energies. When dried sage leaves, essential oils, or candles are burned, it releases negative ions, and this release is said to be linked to encouraging positive moods. Additional qualities believed to be associated with burning sage are an increasing spiritual awareness, wisdom and clarity.

Are Sage Candles Cleansing?

three bunches of white sage

The most commonly used sage varietals are said to have antimicrobial properties. Sage smoke can offer rapid delivery to the brain and is an efficient vehicle of absorption to the body. 

Its use can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians & Romans, who would use the cleansing power of sage to treat sore throats, various digestive issues, and memory problems.

For centuries, Indigenous peoples around the world including Native Americans have burned sage as a part of spiritual rituals. It is said to cleanse a space, and the people within it, while promoting wisdom and healing

Can you use sage candles to smudge? Not really, no. Smudging, as a cleansing ceremony traditionally involves burning white sage to fill the home/space with the fragrance of the smoke. Its goal is to clear negative energy from the people, places, or even objects that inhabit the space. While you can use sage essential oil and candles to recreate the scent, the dried herb is the recommended practice.

Candles for Energy Cleansing

Candles for energy cleansing typically carry scents that help clear the mind of stress or anxiety, and promote focus. Cleansing candles can sometimes include affirmations and intentions on the label or as a companion to the vessel, but feel free to use your favorite mantra or affirmations. 

Cleansing candles usually include meditative scents amongst their ingredients, such as Clary Sage, Palo Santo, Copal and more. Candles used for energy cleansing that include essential oils are preferred as they also include the therapeutic benefits that the oils source contained before extraction. 

Positive Vibes Candles

glowing peace sign

Scents for a lit candle aid in stimulating the brain, specifically the part connected to mood and memory. Our response to scent can help boost energy, enhance clarity and focus, or even reduce stress. The dancing flicker of flame from a candle can also be associated with a special occasion, celebration and commemoration. The combination of these things ties our connection of candles with positive vibes, but let’s look at some scents that can increase your positive vibes on a daily basis.

Here is a list of some of the best scented candles that can help manage anxiety or stress:

Clary Sage Scented Candles  – Lifts your mood overall, and removes negative energies.
Lavender Scented Candles – Aids in relaxing both the body and mind. 
Peppermint Scented Candles – Awakens the mind, to enhance focus and concentration.
Cinnamon Scented Candles  – Promote feelings of vitality and feeling refreshed 
Orange Scented Candles – Helps to remove daily stress, and is cheerful and uplifting.
Lemon Scented Candles – Assists in lifting one’s spirits, improving mood, and soothing anxiety.
Apple Scented Candles  – Helps the body relax, aids in lowering blood pressure and controlling anxiety.

How to set your Intention Into a Candle

  • Start by setting your intention into the candle through mental focus
  • Write your intention down on a piece of paper, then set it underneath the candle
  • Light the candle, and begin to manifest

    **This is the part that requires a bit of practice: You should feel yourself surrendering all negative feelings, shrink, and dissipate, diminishing into thin air.

Best Candles for Positive Energy

Now that we have energy cleansing and self care, let’s look at what makes up the best candles for positive energy, how to select a candle for positive vibes, and of course where to buy them. Let’s have a look at scents that can contribute to good vibes, and where to get the best candles for positive energy. 

Scents That Can Make You Happy

Vanilla Scent – A scent proven to make us feel happier, and a natural aphrodisiac, you can find vanilla in our Tahitian Bungalow Candle
Lavender Scent – Believed to promote relaxation and treat anxiety
Jasmine Scent – Helps the body to unwind by alleviating stress and anxiety
Yuzu Scent – Carriers the terpenes limonene and linalool, which helps reduce anxiety and tension
Neroli Scent – Rich in antioxidants, and helps combat depression

Scents for Positivity

Bergamot Scent – An all star stress reducer 
Grapefruit Scent – A mood balancer and stress reduction machine
Lime Scent – Sweet, fruity and uplifting! You can find lime essential oil featured in our Aegean Coast Candle 

Scents That Boosts Your Mood

Cinnamon Scent – A natural energy booster
Eucalyptus Scent – Kickstarts the brain and improves overall energy 
Frankincense Scent Balances the nervous system, bringing the body into harmony

Yucca Valley Candle

Our Yucca Valley candle is a good vibe in a jar. We have painstakingly blended scents of Palo Santo and Sage, while interlacing Oak Moss and Juniper. The finished result captures the tranquility and peace of desert landscapes. It is cleansing and invigorating. 

If you are looking to cleanse your space, or a companion for the next chapter of that impossible to put down book, we have you covered. 

Al Fresco Candle

Meet Al Fresco, an almost magic like feat of capturing the scents and feelings of morning sunshine, and taking a stroll through dewey morning grass. 

A tantalizing mix of Oat Milk, Honey, Bergamot and fresh cut Grass.  If you are looking to bring the outdoors in, we recommend our Al Fresco!