Lavender Candle Benefits

We know it, we love it – but do we really know why? For at least 2500+ years, humans have been enjoying the scent of lavender and finding many uses for it in our daily habits and wellness routines. 

Our ancestors in the Mediterranean, India and the Middle East would benefit from lavender as use as a holy herb, as well as to scent their clothes and hair. 

Presently, it is common find lavender everywhere you look. In addition to being one of the best selling essential oils, it is  also a key ingredient infused in  products from lotions, beverages, food, beauty products & perfume, but the list goes on and on. Lavender is also commonly used as a smokable herb. for a variety of therapeutic reasons.

Today we look at the many benefits of lavender scented candles, and of this wondrous flowering plant of the mint family – Lavandula.

What Does Lavender Smell Like?

A field of Lavender at dawn

Lavender is a flowering plant and a part of the mint family, but is commonly known for its beauty, its floral & sweet  fragrance and its versatility for many uses in products and aromatherapy. 

The scent of lavender is dominated with sweet & floral notes. More subtle notes of evergreen, woody vegetation and powder can be detected to an acute sense of smell. Some have even described the scent of lavender to have herbal and smokey hints.

Our planet boasts over 45 different species of lavender with over 450 varieties, with smells ranging from more medicinal and camphor like, to a tart balsamic resin scent more akin to rosemary.

What does French Lavender Smell Like?

Despite English lavender  typically being heralded as the most appealing variety of lavender in regards to scent,  French lavender possesses stronger fragrance with more present evergreen and pine notes.

French lavender is interestingly enough a cross between the English Lavender & spike lavender varietals. An easy way to detect French Lavender in the wild is its strong camphor scent, and that the French Lavender plant is typically larger than its counterparts. 

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

The view of a lavender farm and a purple sky

Lavender essential oil can be created by steeping dry lavender flowers in a carrier oil (we recommend coconut or  jojoba oil) for at least a week, preferably several. As the lavender flowers dry they infuse in the carrier oil, as the natural essential oils are drawn out of the lavender and transferred to your carrier oil of choice, you’ve got yourself some homemade Lavender Essential Oil!

Alternatively, lavender essential oil can be found fairly commonly ranging from origins in Bulgaria, France and Canada. 

Lavender Essential Oil for Headache

In this 2013 Study, strong evidence suggests that lavender can aid the relief of headaches & migraines. Some have experiences notable reduction of pain in less that 20 minutes inhaling lavender oil.

Try the benefits of lavender scent for sleep by adding lavender essential oil to candles or by adding a few drops of  lavender essential to cups of boiling water, and allowing its vapors to circulate the room. 

Lavender Essential Oil for Sleep

A somewhat common practice is to add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to your pillow for a good nights rest.  In this 2015 Study, studies show that lavender oil can both help you fall asleep as well as improve the quality of rest.

Try lighting a candle with lavender oil an hour or two  before you’re planned time to go to bed, and prepare for an improved nights sleep. Just please make sure to extinguish your candle before heading to bed! You just might find the scent of lavender and with its therapeutic benefits of its essential oil account for some of the best lavender candles for sleep.

Lavender Oil for Stress Relief

Lavender oil is also used commonly topically as an aid in stress relief. 

When applied through massage, lavender oil absorbs easily by the skin, and the resulting effect is said to be sedative and relaxing.

In the same regard, lighting a candle to unwind with a good book, or to accompany some calming contemplation. Thanks to its calming effects, candles with quality lavender essential oil make for some best lavender candles for anxiety as well. 

What Scent Goes well with Lavender Essential Oil?

Focused photo of wild lavender

Lavender Essential Oil is an extremely versatile scent and it found often if cleaning products, sleep aids, and much more.

It also pairs well with several scent profiles. Lets have a look at what scents go well with lavender:

Citrus scents like Bergamot, Orange, Lime, Tangerine, and even Lemongrass are great partners to pair with the soothing scent of Lavender. 

Lavender also blends well with more herbaceous notes, offer a balance to the clean and fresh scent of lavender. Try blending your lavender essential oil with sage, rosemary & thyme.

If you would like to double down on the fresh scents, add some Lavender with Eucalyptus or Peppermint for a fresh, vibrant unique smell! 

Best Lavender Fragrance oil for Candle

Lavender candle and smoothie

The quality of Lavender Essential Oil is typically determined  chemical constituents. The three major constituents are Linalool, Linalyl acetate, and Camphor.

Linalool present in Lavender Oil is considered largely responsible for the floral scents of Lavender, while Linalyl acetate is why Lavender oil possesses its impart citrus, fruity and sweet aromas.

Authorities in fragrance and essential oil consider that the high quality Lavender Essential Oil possess a high percentage of Linalool and Linalyl acetate, while maintaining lower percentages of Camphor.

If using Lavender fragrance or essential oil to make candles at home, consider thesefactors when choice which oil to use. 

Where to Buy Lavender Candles

Harvested lavender on white background

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